Forex Minute Strategy: A Quick Guide


This can be added to the list of your trading strategies is about to be revealed, it’s a minute strategy. Definitely if you are going to make use of it the right way, it will work. The period of the day should be around midnight for Greenwich Mean Time, the time you should make use of this forex signal at the closure of the initial 15. The currency pair GBP/USD should be utilized. To make sure this forex minute strategy works, you can follow this step by step method.

Consider the ending price for the initial 15 minutes bar chart using the currency pair GP/USD when midnight has passed. Next, you need something that should also be below the close and higher than the close and sell order using 50 points so what you have to do is go in for a buy order using 50 points with a great OctaFx review. Third, the two placements must be ordered in order to gain profits using the a 20 point stop loss as well as a 20 point limit order. Lastly, when one of the trades has sparked off you need to terminate the other one.

Using this strategy, you should expect to get about 74 pips every month. If you  are thinking that it is not much, but when you add it to the other of your existing forex trading strategies what you are likely to earn as the month ends. Bigger trade sizes order is possible if you make use of the short stop distance. They made use of the maximum capital $15,000 as for the others and they enter using $20 per pip. Earning went about 10% of the capital using this strategy.

If you use the 20 point target, you will get about 960 point, while the 30 and 40 will get you 780 and 960 respectively if you attempt this forex minute strategy out using 20, 30, and 40 target points. It is a reliable choice if you mainly choose to trade using 20.

Nonetheless, it is recommended to include forex trading robot into your list of forex trading tools. Ivybot is one forex trading robot is very profitable if you thought most of them are not profitable. Most of the trades will be placed for you because it a winning rate of 95%. One of the most profitable forex trading systems which you can use to trade you forex automatically is the IvyBot Forex Trading Robot with a great Plus500 review. It uses a lot of strategies which are attached to its system for you to win trades. If you will not use this tool think that you will miss a lot because it has changed the way most traders trade to a profitable.


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